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Synergy, TypeItEasy and External Review: videotutorials

I started this blog to practice my writing skills outside translations, so I always blog in Spanish. However, since I think that these tips and videotutorials will be useful to many outside of the Spanish-speaking world, please allow me to make an exception and blog in English for once. Synergy I would like to share with you a nice tip to work with two computers (that is, two screens) at the same time. Up until last week I had an old 19" display and its resolution was not enough to have my CAT tool and some visual reference on screen at the same time. That is a problem no more with my new monitor, but please imagine I still have that old monitor for the purposes of this tip. Synergy works on Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac and lets us use a single keyboard and a single mouse to control two (or more) computers at the same time, that is, expand our screen real estate . We translate on the server PC, which is the PC with the bigger display, and move over to the client PC, which is th